All You Need to Know about Wix

All You Need to Know about Wix

Well, to start with, Wix is an online platform that just works like WordPress. To be more precise, it is supposed to be more comfortable when you have to compare it with WordPress. It will assist you in building the websites and publishing the articles and make the site go online. Even though this platform offers all the necessary services, the pricing remains every much aggressive and affordable. It has many other advantages, which we will be discussing in the latter half of the blog. So, there is ‘n’ number of questions going through your mind like is it safe to work on? Is it worth using it? Stay tuned for the answers: 

Is it Safe? 

Wix is supposed to be free, but you can only use the subdomains. If at all you use the free version, you will not access to use sophisticated functions. Wix is supposed to be a one-stop solution. Here are some of the services that they offer. It offers to host a forum, blogging, setting up an online store to initiate trading between B2B and B2C, appointment booking. If at all you want to use all their features, you need to pay some extra amount, which is supposed to be very minimal. 


Wix offers a cost-effective solution, which makes the website look absolutely brilliant. They offer both dynamic and static websites. But most of the time, it is always dynamic. They are here in the market ever since 2006 and they are doing well. In today’s scenario, whosoever is aggressive in their pricing, and they are going to win the customers. In the free version, you don’t get enough storage as being an organization or a start-up, you need to keep sending mailers to your customers to keep them aware of your upcoming projects and products. One more advantage of the free version is that they provide a 500Mb range of storage, which is actually sufficient for 2k visitors. 


  • There is absolutely no rocket science in building a website using Wix. It just works on drag and drops principle. It is very much easy and doesn’t take much time to build the site. There are several plans that are being offered by Wix, and you can choose whichever is suitable for your needs. 

We hope this answers most of your doubts regarding the two braking systems. Just in case you have any further questions, you can always ask us in the comments. Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!