FatCow Hosting Review 2019

FatCow Hosting Review 2019

FatCow offers a variety of different website hosting plans that work for a wide range of businesses and website types. However, the packages cater most readily to website owners who are building out their first websites and want the cheapest introductory rate possible.

With every plan, you’ll find 24/7 customer support, along with a custom vDeck or standard cPanel(more on these below), which will be your home base for getting your website setup. These are intuitive and easy to use website dashboards where you’ll take care of any website management tasks, like setting up email, installing WordPress, or adding e-commerce features to your site.

The FatCow plan is the hosting provider’s traditional shared hosting plan. With any shared hosting, you’re going to be sharing server space with other website owners, which is the reason these plans are so cheap. If this is your very first website and you aren’t expecting thousands of visitors right out of the gate, then this will be a great starting place.

Since you’re sharing server space, you’ll have fewer available resources for your site. But if you just recently built your website, this won’t be an issue since brand new sites are smaller and don’t usually get much traffic.

Even though all FatCow shared web hosting plans are equipped with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, there are still plan limits. The terms of service spell out the amount of resources you can use on each plan. Most sites will never run into an issue with bandwidth or storage. But if your traffic levels and the size of your site continue to grow, you’ll need to upgrade to a higher plan. Otherwise, you’ll be infringing on the resources of other users on the shared server.

Here at FatCow, the basic starter plan costs less per month than a Starbucks latte. Plus, you can lock down the introductory rate for three years, making it great for a new small business on a budget.

FatCow shared hosting plan

Plan Type Starting price (year) Uptime
FatCow Shared $4.08 99%

WordPress Hosting

  • WordPress pre-installed
  • High reliability
  • Dirt cheap plans
  • No speed, security, or support features on Starter plan

WordPress is a content management system that makes it incredibly simple to build out your website and manage and publish content. It’s so popular that it currently powers over 30% of the entire internet.1

Now, it’s not a requirement to use a WordPress hosting plan when using WordPress. It’ll work just fine on the FatCow (shared hosting) plan above. But,WordPress hosting does offer your site certain advantages.

When you sign up for WordPress hosting, you get a server that’s entirely optimized to run WordPress. This means improved speed and performance, and WordPress will come pre-installed.

WordPress plans

Plan Price (mo.) Best for Uptime
WP Starter $3.75 Cheapest price 99%
WP Essential $6.95 Improved security and loading speeds 99%

VPS Hosting

  • Ability to scale server resources
  • High-level performance
  • Shared server space
  • High renewal costs

VPS hosting might sound confusing at first glance. “Virtual Private Server”: what does that even mean?

Luckily, it’s pretty simple once you grasp a few basics. VPS hosting operates similarly to shared hosting, where you’re sharing a physical server with other websites.

However, a VPS server uses strict partitions and virtualization technology to split a single server into multiple virtual dedicated servers. Think of the server like a high-rise apartment building: each apartment is a VPS server, while the building as a whole is the entire physical server. Just like walls and doors separate the building into separate apartments, virtual partitions separate a single server into separate dedicated servers. So you get exclusive access to more server resources while keeping costs down.

Every VPS will have its own dedicated server resources, bandwidth, storage, RAM, and even operating system. All of these features offer your site support for growing traffic levels and fast loading speeds, no matter how big your site gets. (Though you may have to bump up to a higher plan.)

VPS hosting is better suited for sites that require more server space and support for higher traffic levels but aren’t ready to pay for an entire dedicated server (more on dedicated hosting below). Think popular e-commerce sites like a mattress store or clothing line. If your site is picking up steam and you start to see hockey-stick-like growth, then it’s a smart idea to upgrade to VPS hosting.

Most site owners will probably be well suited to the Business level VPS plan, but if you need support for higher traffic, the Optimum plan can support up to 5,000 visits per day.

VPS plans

Plan Price (mo.) Uptime Storage
Basic $19.99 99% 40GB
Business $47.99 99% 90GB
Optimum $79.99 99% 120GB

Dedicated Servers

  • Ability to scale server resources
  • Improved website security
  • Dedicated support team
  • cPanel access
  • Very expensive plans
  • Technical staff possibly required