PureVPN Review 2019 – Detailed & Depth Review

PureVPN Review 2019 – Detailed & Depth Review

Detailed PureVPN Review:

If you are expecting a high feature-enriched VPN service provider with an amazing price that easily suited with your budget, then PureVPN is the prime choice for you. Its high-quality services with minimum price give a forefront selling in the VPN industry. PureVPN offers you some exclusive features that are rarely found in the other VPN services and these are DDoS Protection, Split Tunneling, StealthVPN Browser, NAT Firewall, Internet Kill Switch, and Smart DNS. In this PureVPN review, you will get the detail about this optimum VPN service provider.

Pricing Plan:

PureVPN comes with some quite satisfactory and reasonable pricing packages. They offer 3 different packages with different prices. You can select the well-suited one, considering your budget line.

  1. The most basic package offers 1-month subscription at $10.75. PureVPN is providing a distinct offer to their customers by its discount coupon. If you subscribe to PureVPN with the 1-month package, you get a 16% discount.
  2. Next package is for 6 months subscription that costs only $48.00 in a total. You need to spend only $8.00 per month, so you can save more than $2 comparing to the 1-month package. Because of the PureVPN discount offer, you are getting this package with 33% less price than their regular package.
  3. The best economic package of the PureVPN is its 1-year package. You can subscribe to the package with only $59.88. So you have to pay only $5.75 monthly. It’s a great beneficial package for you because it will consume more than$5/per month. With this package, you will also get a discount of 58% than their regular one.

Payment Methods

PureVPN offers you a great flexibility to choose a payment method. It allows a number of payment methods to be subscribed to their services.

SignificantFeatures Of PureVPN

Servers & their locations

PureVPN servers are spread over more than 140 countries around the world. It has over and above 500 servers in those countries. Most of their servers are located in the UK, US and Australia etc. learn more about VPN Servers


The PureVPN servers are located in the following countries. This PureVPN review includes the following image to help you knowing the exact server location of PureVPN.

Ultimate Internet Security

PureVPN provides a reliable protection and defense for the users with its complex protocols and a strong 256-bit encryption. So, this works as a safeguard of your personal data from theft and malicious intentions. It allows you to surf the internet in any unsecured locations like as coffee shops or other vulnerable areas without compromising your safety and security.

Speed Performance

The most important feature of the VPN service provider is its internet speed after installing the software. Almost every VPN service affect the internet speed, because of multiple routing destinations. So, VPN performance can be judged considering the minimal decrease of the internet speed.

Evaluating the speed test of PureVPN over different protocols compared to without using VPN we got – an average download speed of around 9 Mbps without using VPN and after being connected through PureVPN we observed a reduction of around 1 Mbps (9-14%), which is negligible in the VPN industry.

PureVPN speed is quite satisfactory using all protocols- OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec. The following images give you a clear idea about it.


Split Tunneling

PureVPN is only the VPN service provider that offers this distinguishable feature of Split tunneling. This feature allows the PureVPN users to route some traffic over the VPN tunnelwhile other traffic will access using the direct internet connection.

StealthVPN Browser

The StealthVPN Browser feature helps you to browse the internet without keeping any browsing history, cookies and caches. It is especially helpful for the highly restricted censored countries.